Leave the Party!

If you're a Republican—leave the party!

If you're a Democrat—leave the party!

Independent candidates can win

Yeah, they really can—stay tuned.

When they win, what they can do will amaze you:

  • They can strip the major parties of their grip on power
    —and cut Washington deadlock.
  • They can start to get money out of politics
    —and disempower corporate lobbying.
  • They can empower you and your neighbors
    —to have real input into your own governance.

It is possible:

  • We don't get money out of politics first. (In fact, we can't.)
  • We don't roll back gerrymandering first. (In fact, we can't.)
  • We don't change election laws first. (In fact, we can't.)
  • We don't control Congress first or amend the Constitution.
  • We only have to elect Independents
    —to a handful of the 435 House seats.
    —and perhaps to a few Senate seats.

Here's what we do—right now:

  • We develop strong, competent Independents to run for the U.S. Congress.
  • We support those Indy candidates, and elect them.
  • We continue to support them in their first term—and we reelect them.

Here's what happens in 2016 or '18 or '20

  • At some point, we'll have elected enough Independents that no party has a majority in the House—and maybe in the Senate.
  • Those Indies—who may not even like each other—who will certainly disagree politically—will actually work together to change the House & Senate rules.
  • They'll do that because it takes power from the parties and gives it to the Indies.
  • The rule changes will make effective governance possible.
  • We stay involved with those Indies to be sure they represent us—that they finally reform lobbying, campaign financing and election laws.
  • We never give up—we teach our children and grandchildren how real democracy works.

You don't believe it yet?

Please continue exploring these pages
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of Independence

IndyAlliance candidates are pledged to represent everyone equally—will coordinate their caucus decisions, with the goal that no party hold a majority in the House and Senate.

Why is electing Independents the solution?
Because we can—right now!

Even One Independent Win Will Make a Difference
There are many ways it can be so

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