Are You Represented?

Your Nation Looks Like This:

But Your Congress Looks Like This:

43% of American voters identify themselves as other than Democrat or Republican. Most are Independents, and a few belong to other political parties.

But those non-Republican, non-Democratic American citizens, many of them deeply political and highly patriotic have no representation in their government. Every sitting member of the U. S. House of Representatives is either a Republican or a Democrat.* And the two independent Senators actually caucus with the Democrats.

So 43% of American voters are without a voice in Congress. Approximately 90% of Americans believe Congress is doing a poor job. Ya think there might be a connection?

It doesn't have to be this way. If you're in the unrepresented 43%, you can elect a Representative or a Senator. We're building a Think Tank so we can all learn how. Join us!

*With 435 members in Congress, vacancies due to death or resignation are common. When this graphic was created in March, 2012, two House seats were vacant.

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