Leave the Party!

If you're a Republican—leave the party!

If you're a Democrat—leave the party!

For Real Political Change
We Need an Open-Source Approach to Politics

Consider This Premise:

Viable independent and minor-party political leadership can restore American democracy to the collaborative governmental institution intended by the nation's founders.

This hasn't been done in your lifetime

It doesn't begin by another splinter party failing to elect a President—or one more egomaniacal demagogue trying to elect himself. It starts by committed citizens electing a few U. S. Representatives and Senators. It probably won't be one party; it can be a loose collection of independents and minor parties. It will need to create and sustain a block of independent political power.

Then, these new leaders must govern with intelligence and integrity in order to survive and be effective. That can happen if we show them how, and demand it of them.

The Think Tank Is Not a New Party.

It is an incubator where the concepts and principles of independent politics, new parties, minority political power, and sound governance can be shaped.

It's a Think Tank with a Twist—you are one of the thinkers.

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