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Political links that might be useful

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Data published on these web pages

Legislative Branch Resources (official House and Senate sites)

Other U.S. Resources

Non-government Resources

  • Google Map of new U.S. Congressional Districts (downloadable KML)
  • Proximity Congressional District Analysis—Demographic and other data
  • GovTrack.us tracks congressional members and legislation
  • OpenCongress to understand, track, and engage with the U.S. Congress
    Project of Participatory Politics Foundation
  • TRAC Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse—Syracuse University. Comprehensive, non-partisan information about staffing, spending & enforcement activities of the federal government.

Independent & 3rd Party Links

Political Information


This is far from a comprehensive list. The major criterion for listing is the amount of useful information on independent politics and political action. Other suggestions are invited.

Citizen Involvement & Action

  • The Politics of Trust Network
    Applying the Visionary Principles of the Vasconcellos Project to California Politics
  • Civic Source
    Web portal for civic engagement, policy information, learning tools.
    from University of Illinois at Chicago's Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement
  • Participedia
    Wiki-based collaborative site for participatory politics and governance
  • AmericaSpeaks
    Engaging Citizens in Governance (website)
  • AmericaSpeaks
    Best Practices in Citizen Engagement (series of articles)
  • Rootstrikers
    Fighting the corrupting influence of money in politics
  • Campaign for Stronger Democracy
    a new coalition…working to create a strong, vibrant democracy, rooted in a belief that our democratic institutions can rise to the challenges…
  • Everyday Democracy
    "local democracies can form the cornerstone of a vibrant national democracy"
  • Rock the Vote
    to engage and build political power for young people in our country
  • VotoLatino
    Country's leading organization in registering and engaging young Latino voters
  • Black Youth Vote!
    Increasing political & civic engagement among black youth and young adults,
    part of National Coalition on Black Civic Participation

Existing Political Parties

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