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A Summary of Independent Power Principles

Concepts the Think Tank Will Explore

Third Party Presidential Campaigns Have Never Worked
A successful new party won't begin by electing a President, but by electing a few U. S. Representatives and Senators—enough to prevent either the Republicans or the Democrats from holding congressional majorities. These legislators don't have to be from one party; they can be a loose collection of independents and minor party members.

The Problem & The Solution
Any majority party has too much power, and a single minority party has little choice but to employ damaging tactics to protect its agenda. The solution is to have three or more viable political parties—with no one of them holding majority power.

Create an online Think Tank for Independent Political Power
America has a lot of smart people who can figure this out—you may be one.

Elect Independents to Congress
Enough to deny majority power to Republicans & Democrats

Change the Rules in Congress
This new, small minority will be able to change House and Senate rules so that committees can actually function.

Minority Power
Minority power can work by denying majority power to all the parties. Suppose, for example that the Senate had forty-nine Democrats, forty-nine Republicans, and two Senators from a third party. No committee could be formed, no rule continued or adopted, and no bill passed without cooperation of at least two of the parties.

The Last Successful Third Party
The Republican Party began by electing members to Congress in 1854; it worked then; we can do it again.

Coalitions of Constituencies
Viable new parties could begin by identifying groups that aren't well served by existing parties, and building coalitions between them. That is not how the existing minor parties work.

Good Governance
Indepentent leaders and viable third parties will assume principal leadership, and step out in front of both major parties. They will identify vital issues, take positions, then recruit support from principled, thoughtful members of both major parties.

Collaboration and Consensus
When we make decisions with 51% majorities, half of us lose. True democracy requires engaging in genuine debate until solutions are found that serve most of us and are destructive to none.

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