Leave the Party!

The Think Tank needs your ideas, experience, wisdom, expertise.

Eventually (soon we hope) this will all be done on a wiki, and will reside on its own website. For right now, just write your article and email it to leaveparty@greatreality.com.

What can you contribute to the discussion?

There are thousands of possibilities. Anything that expands our thinking about independent and minor-party power will be helpful.

But remember our purpose: to learn how to identify and elect independent political leaders, and how to re-structure our governmental institutions so those leaders will function effectively.

This is some of what we must learn how to do, and teach others to do:

  • Identify congressional districts that can be won by an independent, or a minor party candidate. (Don't submit a list; teach us how to identify districts.)
  • Identify states where Senate contests might be won. (Don't make a list; teach us how.)
  • Identify incumbents who might be vulnerable.
  • Identify candidates who can be successful.
  • Recruit and empower those candidates.
  • Create strategies and tactics to win those districts and states.
  • Create the post-election game plan for changing congress.
  • Operate a successful, productive wiki.
  • Operate a non-profit 527 (or other) political organization.

With all of these topics, discover ideas for accomplishing the goal—and teach others how.

Ask yourself these questions: If you were to begin tomorrow trying to get elected, or to elect someone else as an independent candidate,

  • What would you need to know?
  • What would be your first steps?
  • What would you need to do after that?
  • Who could help you? Or hurt you?
  • And anything else pertinent to actually winning that election.

Here are some things that won't be published:

  • Attacks on people or ideas (disagreements, yes; attacks, no)
  • Political manifestos or discussions of ideology
  • Self-promotion, or promotion of products, businesses, organizations, parties, etc.
  • Rambling incoherence
  • Obscenities or profanities
  • Other irrelevant stuff we haven't imagined yet

Other necessary policies will be developed as experience is gained in receiving submissions. Those policies may be implemented at any time, without notice of any kind.

Copyright and License

You must own the rights to license the material you submit. Do not submit material that was written by others. By submitting your material, you are licensing it for publication by J. C. Adamson, and by this political think tank or any successor entity into which it evolves. You retain copyright for later publication by yourself or other publishers. If you have questions about this policy, you are encouraged to consult an intellectual property attorney.

Please Speak Up…

  • If you have a response or an additional thought regarding these pages,
  • If you'd like to write an article for possible publication on these pages,
  • If you have an idea or suggestion about developing the think tank…

…Send it along to: leaveparty@greatreality.com

And if you're interested in helping to build the Think Tank,
please tell us about yourself.

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