Leave the Party!

Leave the traditional political parties
and build an online think tank to learn about independent political power

Leave the parties
and learn how to elect independent and minor-party candidates to Congress

Leave the parties
and learn how to change the rules so the big parties no longer control Congress

Leave the parties
and learn how you and I can control our Congress.

Build the Independent Power Think Tank

We don't know how to do any of this, but we can learn together and teach each other in an online Think Tank devoted to concepts of political independence. No one person, no party or movement has what we need. But you have a piece; she does, he does, I do. From that we'll build a newly collected body of knowledge about independent political power.

Specifically, we'll learn how to identify and elect independent political leaders, and how to re-structure our governmental institutions so those leaders can and will function effectively, in our interest.

The Think Tank Is Not a New Party.

It is an incubator where the concepts and principles of independent political power, new parties and sound governance can be shaped. It's an online, open-source approach to politics—a tool for invention, study, learning and teaching. There'll be no campus or buildings—a website and wiki will be the Think Tank's infrastructure.

This isn't the Think Tank—it doesn't exist yet. You'll help build it. You can start right now, by writing and submitting an article. Please check here for some guidelines.

The online exchange of ideas will soon occur in a wiki created by Think Tank participants and members. Its model of course, is Wikipedia, probably the most successful collaborative tool in history. There are significant differences. Wikipedia strives to deal in established, demonstrable fact, and has no limits on its scope. The Think Tank will be building new concepts and understandings, but must generate concrete, practical ideas—valuable content that can be useful to others. And it will focus on just one idea: building and maintaining independent political power. You can begin building it right now by writing an article.

To have maximum effectiveness, the Think Tank will need to be:

  • highly accessible and participatory
  • diverse, but focused
  • peer-reviewed and edited, but with less rigid standards than applied by academic institutions and professional journals.

The Think Tank will not be a blog, forum or a chat-room. It will tolerate no abuse of people or ideas. The more participation the Think Tank achieves, the better it will be.

It will

  • encourage exchange and discussion of ideas
  • maintain balance between openness and rigor
  • limit idle chatter and unsupported personal opinion
  • encourage open dialog, consistently well conceived, researched and crafted

Editing and review will:

  • Maintain focus and purpose
  • Maintain rigor
  • Stop abuse

Other functions of the website

  • Public information
  • Recruiting participants
  • Recruiting members
  • Generating financial contributions
  • Hosting a forum for member decision-making and governance of the Think Tank

Once the website and discussion mechanism are built, active public relations and promotional efforts will be mounted to build participation.

Please Speak Up…

  • If you have a response or an additional thought regarding these pages,
  • If you'd like to write an article for possible publication on these pages,
  • If you have an idea or suggestion about developing the think tank…

…Send it along to: leaveparty@greatreality.com

And if you're interested in helping to build the Think Tank,
please tell us about yourself.

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