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Pior Year Independent Candidates

Archive of 2012 Candidates

U.S. Congress—2012 archive

José Peñalosa—Arizona 7th District  Twitter Icon@Penalosa2012

Marilyn Singleton—California 13th District  Twitter Icon@Singleton4CD13

Terry Phillips—California 23rd District

David Hernandez—California 29th District  Twitter Icon@dave4la

Bill Bloomfield—California 33rd District  Twitter Icon@BBloomfield33

Jaime McMillan—Colorado 3rd District  Twitter Icon@jaimemcmillan59

Tisha Casida—Colorado 3rd District  Twitter Icon@casida2012

Dave Anderson—Colorado 5th District  Twitter Icon@DaveForColorado

Phil Dodds—Florida 3rd District  Twitter Icon@PhilDodds2012

Eric Reyes—Illinois 17th District  Twitter Icon@EricReyes2012

Martin James Monroe—Iowa 4th District

Peter White—Massachusetts 9th District  Twitter Icon@White4Congress

Daniel Botelho—Massachusetts 9th District  Twitter Icon@dbotelho78

Michael Fulks—Oklahoma 2nd District  Twitter Icon@MichaelFulks

Owen Powell—Pennsylvania 7th District

Karen Ramsburg—Pennsylvania 9th District  Twitter Icon@karenramsburg

Jim Bednarski—Pennsylvania 16th District

Jack Arnold—Tennessee 7th District  Twitter Icon@jacktoddarnold

Maurice Duhon Jr.—Texas 18th District  Twitter Icon@MDfor18

Bret Baldwin—Texas 27th District

Charles Kimball—Utah 2nd District  Twitter Icon@kimball4utah

Jason Howell—Virginia 8th District
Twitter Icon@JasonHowell2  Twitter Icon@VoteJasonHowell (campaign)

Mark Gibson—Virginia 11th District  Twitter Icon@Gibson4congress

Larry Ishmael—Washington 1st District  Twitter Icon@ishmael1stCDWA

James Windle—Washington 8th District  Twitter Icon@Windle4Congress

Charlie Hardy—Wyoming District

U. S. Senate—2012 archive

Chris Borgia—Florida  Twitter Icon@ChrisBorgia

Angus King—Maine  Twitter Icon@AngusKing2012

Rob Sobhani—Maryland  Twitter Icon@RobSobhani

Jon Barrie—New Mexico  Twitter Icon@JonBarrieSenate

Scott Rupert—Ohio  Twitter Icon@RupertforOhio

David Vogel—Rhode Island

Bernie Sanders—Vermont  Twitter Icon@SenSanders  Twitter Icon@FriendsOfBernie (campaign)

State offices—2012 archive

Howard Leonhardt for Governor—California (2014)  Twitter Icon@howardleonhardt

Barrett Rothe, independent candidate
for Colorado Senate, 14th District
  Twitter Icon@RotheColorado

Rick Schober, Independent Candidate
for Massachusetts State Representative—Second Franklin District
  Twitter Icon@RickSchober

County, municipal offices—2012 archive

Jefferson Smith for Mayor—Portland  Twitter Icon@jeffersondsmith

Withdrawn & Defeated 2012 Candidates

The candidates below have been defeated in primary elections, have withdrawn,
or are otherwise disqualified from the November ballot.

for U. S. Congress—2012 archive

Chris Pareja—California 15th District  Twitter Icon@pareja4congress

Charles Richardson—California 17th District  Twitter Icon@cvr4congress

Alan Schlar—California 48th District

D'Marie Mulattieri—California 39th District  Twitter Icon@ElectDMarie

Gary Allen Oxley—California 1st District  Twitter Icon@GaryAllenOxley

Jack Doyle—California 52nd District

Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera—California 19th District  Twitter Icon@Jayscandidacy

Jorge Rocha—California 46th District

Albin Novinec—California 49th District

Troy Wayne McComak—California 10th District  Twitter Icon@mccomak

Ronald Paul Kabat—California 20th District

Curt Taras—California 7th District

Dan Caudle—California 20th District

Ehab T. Shehata—California 52nd District

Linda Parks—California 26th District  Twitter Icon@LindaParks2012

Matt Boutté—California 24th District  Twitter Icon@mattboutte

Chad Condit—California 10th District  Twitter Icon@ChadCondit

Curt Novak—California 42nd District

John Lewallen—California 2nd District

Brooke Clark—California 2nd District

Anthony Adams—California 8th District  Twitter Icon@VoteAnthony

Dick Eiden—California 49th District  Twitter Icon@Eiden4Congress

for U. S. Senate—2012 archive

Bill Cimbrelo for U.S. Senate—Massachusetts  Twitter Icon@Bill_Cimbrelo

for County, municipal offices—2012 archive

Nathan Fletcher for Mayor 2012—San Diego  Twitter Icon@nathanfletcher

The above names are prior year candidates.

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