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Independent Candidates
These people have come to our attention as current independent candidates.
To be listed here, a candidate must have a reachable website, devoted primarily to a declared independent or non-partisan candidacy. Listing does not imply endorsement, or verification of a legitimate candidacy, and does not imply any association between a candidate and this website. Candidates are invited to submit correction of errors or additional names.

2014 Candidates

U.S. Congress

Mark Bray—Alabama 5th District  Twitter Icon@BrayforCongress

James Samuelson—Arizona 5th District  Twitter Icon@jim4senate22

José Peñalosa, Jr.—Arizona 7th District  Twitter Icon@Penalosa4AZ

Ron Kabat—California 20th District

Steve Stokes—California 28th District  Twitter Icon@Stokes4Congress

Tisha Casida—Colorado 3rd District  Twitter Icon@VoteCasida

Grant Doherty—Colorado 4th District  Twitter Icon@GDoherty2014

Luther Lee—Florida 2nd District  Twitter Icon@thelutherlee

Gary Koniz—Florida 4th District

Paula Moser-Bartlett—Florida 4th District

Al Krulick—Florida 7th District

Bruce Ray Riggs—Florida 11th District  Twitter Icon@Bruce4house

Joe Newman—Florida 16th District  Twitter Icon@JoeNewman101

Joe Venuti—Florida 16th District  Twitter Icon@venutiforus

Stephanie Anderson—Florida 23rd District  Twitter Icon@Steph4Congress

Luis Fernandez—Florida 24th District  Twitter Icon@LuisforCongress

Karen Johnson—Illinois 3rd District

Josh Dill—Illinois 13th District
(Josh Dill formed the Lincoln Liberty Party and runs as its only candidate.)

Richard Murphy—Maine 1st District  Twitter Icon@MurphyForMaine

Blaine Richardson—Maine 2nd District  Twitter Icon@Blaine4Congress

David Swartout—Michigan 7th District  Twitter Icon@swartout2014

Harold Davis—Missouri 3rd District

Terry Hampton—Missouri 8th District  Twitter Icon@terry4congress

Steven St. John—Nevada 3rd District  Twitter Icon@Congress2014

Tim Dean—New York 10th District  Twitter Icon@TimothyDean14

Shawn Eckles—North Carolina 9th District

Nick Troiano—Pennsylvania 10th District  Twitter Icon@NickTroiano

Jonathan Maciel—Rhode Island 1st District  Twitter Icon@MacielElect

Rick Simmons—Tennessee 4th District

Paul Deakin—Tennessee 5th District

Lenny Ladner—Tennessee 7th District  Twitter Icon@LennyLadner

James Hart—Tennessee 8th District

Paul Cook—Tennessee 9th District

Ted DeMatteo—Texas 8th District  Twitter Icon@TedDforCongress

Maurice Duhon Jr.—Texas 18th District  Twitter Icon@MDfor18

Eric Williams—Texas 30th District

Craig Bowden—Utah 1st District  Twitter Icon@CraigBowden2020

Bill Barron—Utah 2nd District  Twitter Icon@bbarron2014

Ben Mates—Utah 3rd District

Stephen P. Tryon—Utah 3rd District

Justin Gandino-Saadein—Virginia 3rd District  Twitter Icon@GSforCongress

Cris Ericson—Vermont at-large District (also running for Governor)  Twitter Icon@Cris_Ericson

James Rouse—Virginia 10th District  Twitter Icon@HouseRouse2014

Frank Piliere—Virginia 10th District  Twitter Icon@FrankPiliereVA

Mark Gibson—Virginia 11th District  Twitter Icon@Gibson4congress

Mike Lapointe—Washington 2nd District  Twitter Icon@MikeLapointe99

Josh Ramirez—Washington 4th District  Twitter Icon@Josh4CongressWA

Dave Wilson—Washington 5th District  Twitter Icon@DaveW4Congress

W. Greybeard McPherson—Washington 6th District

Jennifer Gigi Ferguson—Washington 10th District

Steve Hogan—Wisconsin 1st District

Joe Kopsick—Wisconsin 2nd District  Twitter Icon@JosephWKopsick

U. S. Senate

Zachary Kile for U.S. Senate—Alaska  Twitter Icon@Zkile67

Ted Gianoutsos for U.S. Senate—Alaska  Twitter Icon@TedGianoutsos

Steve Shogan for U.S. Senate—Colorado  Twitter Icon@shoganforsenate

Jay Williams for U.S. Senate—Iowa  Twitter Icon@JTW4U

Greg Orman for U.S. Senate—Kansas   Twitter Icon@OrmanForSenate

Ed Marksberry for U.S. Senate—Kentucky  Twitter Icon@edforky

Bruce Skarin for U.S. Senate—Massachusetts  Twitter Icon@BruceSkarin

Paul Marineau for U.S. Senate—Michigan  Twitter Icon@PaulMarineau

Jeff Jones for U.S. Senate—Michigan  Twitter Icon@dothejones

Sam Rankin for U.S. Senate—Montana  Twitter Icon@FirstRankin

Jim Jenkins for U.S. Senate—Nebraska  Twitter Icon@Jenkins4Senate

Todd Watson for U.S. Senate—Nebraska  Twitter Icon@WatsonForSenate

Robert "Turk" Turkavage for U.S. Senate—New Jersey

Antonio Nico Sabas for U.S. Senate—New Jersey

Joan Elizabeth Farr for U.S. Senate—Oklahoma

Karl King for U.S. Senate—Oregon  Twitter Icon@nomore2014

Larry Pressler for U.S. Senate—South Dakota

Clayton G. Walker for U.S. Senate—South Dakota

Ed Gauthier for U.S. Senate—Tennessee

Joshua James for U.S. Senate—Tennessee

Tom Emerson, Jr. for U.S. Senate—Tennessee

David Smith for U.S. Senate—Texas

Avery Ayers for U.S. Senate—Texas  Twitter Icon@A_AyersTX

Tami Stainfield for U.S. Senate—West Virginia

Curt Gottshall for U.S. Senate—Wyoming

State offices

Craig Fleener for Lt. Governor—Alaska  Twitter Icon@CFleener4LtGov

Joe Allen for Governor—Florida

Rubin Anderson for Governor—Florida  Twitter Icon@RubinAnderson1

Kyle "K.C." Gibson for Governor—Florida  Twitter Icon@KCN2014

Farid Khavari for Governor—Florida  Twitter Icon@Farid_Khavari

C.C. Reed for Governor—Florida  Twitter Icon@ccreedgovernor

Charles Frederick Tolbert for Governor—Florida  Twitter Icon@cfabamerica

Jill Humble for Governor—Idaho   Twitter Icon@Humble_Jill

Marvin Pro-Life Richardson (his legal name) for Governor—Idaho

Eliot Cutler for Governor—Maine  Twitter Icon@EliotCutler

Evan Falchuk for Governor—Massachusetts  Twitter Icon@UtdIndependent

Jeff McCormick for Governor—Massachusetts  Twitter Icon@JMacForGov

Tracy Post for Lt. Governor—Massachusetts  Twitter Icon@tracypost

Scott Lively for Governor—Massachusetts

Robin Sanders for Governor—Michigan  Twitter Icon@governorsanders

Tom Ervin for Governor—SouthCarolina  Twitter Icon@TrustInTom

Michael Myers for Governor—SouthDakota 

Caitlin F. Collier for Lieutenant Governor—SouthDakota 

Steven Damon Coburn for Governor—Tennessee

Emily Peyton for Governor—Vermont  Twitter Icon@PlacePeyton4Gov

Cris Ericson for Governor—Vermont (also for Congress)  Twitter Icon@Cris_Ericson

Some additional House and Senate candidates have been identified through media and other sources, but do not yet have identifiable websites, or do not state that they are independent or unaffiliated with a party. If you are, or if you know of a legitimate independent candidate who has a website, please forward the information to us.

Withdrawn & Defeated 2014 Candidates

The candidates below have withdrawn, have been defeated in primary elections,
or are otherwise disqualified from the November ballot.

U. S. Congress

Curtis Railey—Alabama 1st District

Jeffrey Gerlach—California 4th District  Twitter Icon@free_congress

Desmond Thorsson—California 12th District  Twitter Icon@thorsson2014

Steve Isakson—California 24th District

Brent Roske—California 33rd District  Twitter Icon@brentroske

Tom Fox—California 33rd District  Twitter Icon@tomfox4congress

Marianne Williamson—California 33rd District  Twitter Icon@marwilliamson

Michael Mussack—California 25th District  Twitter Icon@MichaelMussack

Douglas W. Kmiec—California 26th District  Twitter Icon@dougkmiec

Jonathan Turner Smith—California 34th District

Robert Rand—California 42nd District  Twitter Icon@new4congress

Al Salehi—California 45th District  Twitter Icon@VoteSalehi

John Campbell—California 53rd District  Twitter Icon@candidcampbell

Jeremy Burgess—Michigan 8th District

Carol Miller—New Mexico 3rd District

Michael G. Fulks—Oklahoma 2nd District  Twitter Icon@MichaelFulks

U. S. Senate

Stuart Meissner for U.S. Senate—New Jersey  Twitter Icon@StuartMeissner

State offices

Bo Ambrozewicz for Governor—California

Janel Buycks for Governor—California    Twitter Icon@Janelbuycks

Joe Leicht for Governor—California    Twitter Icon@joeforgovca

Robert Newman for Governor—California    Twitter Icon@michaelp594

Howard Leonhardt for Lt. Governor—California  Twitter Icon@howardleonhardt

Alan Reynolds for Lt. Governor—California  Twitter Icon@AlanSReynolds

Dan Schnur for Secretary of State—California  Twitter Icon@danschnur

Jim Rundberg for Governor—Colorado  Twitter Icon@JimRundberg

Carl "Twofeathers" Whitaker for Governor—Tennessee  Twitter Icon@Whitaker2014

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