Leave the Party!

If you're a Republican—leave the party!

If you're a Democrat—leave the party!

The Right Answer
—Not the Republican or Democratic Answer

by Robin Sanders, 2014 non-partisan candidate for Governor of Michigan

The information at the links below has been personally inspirational to me as an Independent voter and aspiring political candidate. While I see the importance of the checks and balances of having multiple political parties, I also see that the major political parties have devolved into such a level of petty partisanship and allowed lobbying (for all intents and purposes, to coerce the selling of legislation to the highest bidder, and, in many cases, enrich themselves at the expense of the common good of most citizens) that our State continues to decline in most areas such as education, public safety, the State's economy, and a crumbling infrastructure.

It is my contention that the executive branch of government, Governor and President, should have no political party affiliation, to bring about what President Kennedy said,

"Let us not seek the Republican answer, or the Democratic answer, but the right answer; let us not seek to fix blame for the past, but let us assume our responsibility for the future,"

and to break the stranglehold that the major parties currently have, so that the people will be served as they want, need, and deserve to be served.

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Creative Solutions

Leaders, Not Followers

Getting on Ballots

Robin Sanders for Governor

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of Independence

IndyAlliance candidates are pledged to represent everyone equally—will coordinate their caucus decisions, with the goal that no party hold a majority in the House and Senate.

Why is electing Independents the solution?
Because we can—right now!

Even One Independent Win Will Make a Difference
There are many ways it can be so

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