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Quotes From the Treasury Department
from a January 30th press release:
February, 2006

"The Treasury Department announced today that it expects net borrowing of marketable debt to total $188 billion in the January-March 2006 quarter."

"On October 31, Treasury announced estimated net market borrowing of $171 billion this quarter."

"The increase in anticipated borrowing is primarily the result of higher outlays...and lower net issues of State and Local Government Series securities."

"Based on current projections, Treasury continues to believe that the statutory debt limit will be reached in mid-February 2006."

"Treasury also announced that it expects a net pay down in marketable debt of $30 billion in the April-June 2006 quarter."

Note: That last quote says that they actually expect to pay the debt down by $30 billion in the period from April to June. Of course, that's the period of greatest tax revenue, and some paydown in that quarter is not a huge surprise. The administration has not revised its previous estimate of a $400 billion debt in fiscal 2006, which ends in September.



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