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How 'bout those Republican Stars?

I really don't spend much time looking at the Republican Party logo. I recently saw it on a website, when I was researching something about the party's history.

I thought, "This is a joke! Somebody is puttin' it to 'em." Then I went to the GOP's official website to check it out. It's no joke. Did you ever notice it?

Images copied from the gop website.
(I didn't get their permission; this is fair use.)

The stars are upside down!

"Hold on," you say. What constitutes right side up in this case. Well, how about the American flag? Yeah, as far as I know, not having done serious research on the matter, the flag has always had the stars pointing up.

But the Republicans point 'em down. No, I don't have a theory as to why. Does anybody know? Pretty weird.

Then I found this one, also on their website:

Can you say, "flip-flop?"

Then in the interest of fairness, this was seen on the official Clinton website at the time of the New Hampshire primary.
Flag with upside-down star field

OK, one more update
November, 2008
A recent flap about the Republican National Committee defending its trademark for the logo led The Muser to the U.S. Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval database for Trademark No. 1908397. It appears that the current trademark registration was filed in 1993, and registered in 1995. The application cites a first use date in 1969 and includes the rule booklet from the 1972 Republican Convention, complete with upside-down logo stars.

Replies From Site Visitors
Muser's Note: I've stopped posting new comments here, because much of the correspondence I've received is just silly, and some of it has been marginally abusive. No one has offered a reasonable explanation. And the question is only a humorous and inconsequential diversion from the serious issues we face. Thanks, though, to all who took time to write.

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