President Suffers
Heart Attack in Denver

Denver—September 24, 1955

Official Portrait of President Dwight Eisenhower

Official Presidential Portrait

President Dwight Eisenhower often vacationed in Denver. He was on the forty-second day of one such visit when he suffered a heart attack—a coronary thrombosis—on September 24, 1955. Ike had played 27 holes of golf the day before the attack. He was hospitalized until November 11 of that year at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, outside of Denver. He of course fully recovered, was re-elected the following year, and served until John F. Kennedy's inauguration in January, 1961.

An interesting side-note is that Colorado's Governor, "Big Ed" Johnson had suffered a similar heart attack just three weeks before Ike's, and was still hospitalized in Denver when the president was taken ill.

When in Denver, Ike stayed at the home of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Elvira Dowd, in a quiet residential neighborhood, near downtown Denver. He worked at a Summer White House, at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver. Eisenhower loved Colorado, and named his presidential plane The Columbine after Colorado's delicate official state flower.

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