It Took a Woman to Take Back Denver's Congressional Seat

Pat Schroeder Restores the House District to Democrats

Denver—November 7, 1972

Official 97th Congress photograph of Rep. Patricia Schroeder

Congressional Pictorial Directory,
97th Congress

Pat Schroeder defeated Republican incumbent Mike McKevitt, introducing the term "Congressperson" to Denver's lexicon. McKevitt had only held the office for two years, elected at least in part as a result of Democratic party squabbling that gave him an unusual opportunity.

The congressional district that consists primarily of The City & County of Denver has a long history of electing Democrats. It was no surprise that the local Democratic party healed itself during the two years of McKevitt's term, and succeeded in replacing him. However, the person they chose to win their fight was a bit of a change from tradition.

Of course, Congresswoman Schroeder became a leader nationally as well as locally, and served twenty-four years before retiring at the beginning of 1997. In some eyes, her many accomplishments were somewhat clouded by her divisive attitudes. It was not unusual near the end of her tenure to hear men talk of feeling disenfranchised by her feminist agenda, perhaps at times pursued at the expense of service to the male half of her constituency.

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