The National Debt
Numbers At a Glance
Figures revised after Monthly Treasury Statement is issued.
Last revision: February 12, 2014

Federal Monies, 2012
In: $2,773,978,000,000
Out: $3,454,253,000,000
Deficit: $680,275,000,000

Your Personal Share*
In: $1,592
Out: $1,982
Deficit: $390

The Debt Right Now:
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Your Personal Share*
more than $118,843
(Your share has risen
about $77,500 in the past 13 years)


Current Monthly Interest
(average for the past 6 months)

Your Personal Share*
This comes out of your pocket
every month.

(Interest figures can fluctuate widely from month to month. They are currently very low for the size of the debt, because recent, massive, short-term federal borrowing has been at near zero interest.)

Your Current Share* 
of the National Debt Payoff
Payoff Term
Your Monthly
15 yrs.
30 yrs.
50 yrs.
100 yrs.
(If we were to begin paying off the debt
today, before it gets any bigger.
Based on the interest figures shown above.)

*Personal share figures are derived by dividing national totals by the number of employed Americans.

Interest figures and debt payoff amounts fluctuate month-to-month, depending on the long term and short term debt that is retired and incurred in the month. Next month's numbers may look better or worse than this month, but over longer periods they are getting worse.