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Recent Musings
Ramblings of the Muser's Mind Earlier Featured As Current Musings

Protect and Defend
The President's duty—and ours.
January, 2008

It is our Constitutional Duty—yours and mine
December, 2007

There is an Essence to Art
The essential conduit

There Are Two Americas
One I love.

Stop the Campaign!
It's Over—We Just Don't Know Who Won
March, 2008

Only a Symbol? Rolling the Dice?
Exactly what is the vital question during these Presidential primaries?
December 15, 2007

How 'bout those Republican Stars?
Just a little question.

And in the interest of fairness:

Imus Incident Cuts to America 's Core
Where were you, I, and Procter & Gamble?

April 24, 2007

Meaning of Christmas

A Message for Denny:
Rights Are Not Priveleges

Chechneyan President-American as Apple Pie
And we think others are inherently different from Americans.

This Really Is About Bigotry
Can Mel Gibson admit his alcoholism and his bigotry
—and recover from both?

$59,000 for Graduation??  Cool !!
Oh Wait—That's Not a Gift.

Don't Fall for a 50 Year Mortgage!
Not Even for a Couple of Years

We Don't Have a Social Security Crisis…
…We Have a Debt Crisis

Keep the Senate Filibuster
"...what affects all, by all should be approved..." King Edward I, in 1295

Debt and Deficit
There have been numerous musings on this topic. They are not archived here. Rather, they are periodically updated with current data and posted on the National Debt pages of this site.

Fighting a New War
Lessons from the past

I Fear No Clone
But I fear a new dark ages and loss of freedom

Our Only Tool is a Hammer
Is the Bombing of Afghanistan a Viable Strategy?

A Tempest in a Lab-Flask
Too much ado over too-few stem cells

A Political Season of Discontent
The Florida vote—How badly did the 2000 election damage our democracy?

A brief lexicographic excursion

Will Elvis Become a Messiah?

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